… Get My Delivery?


Request your delivery date and time of day, with a back up date by the time you order.  Remember you need two weeks between ordering and delivery.  Please be sure to inform our staff of any days you can NOT take delivery.

We strive to get you delivered on your first choice day.  We are in contact with the driver and you through out the delivery day so you can be prepared.

You will want to leave your cell, home and direct line with our staff for delivery conformation!  We will not use your personal numbers unless you are unreachable at the school.


Unloading & Sorting

Make sure you have lined up enough help for unloading.  It is best to work in an assembly line manner.

Designate one person to check off the Bill of Lading.

Consider posting product or student names (for Student Sort) on the wall for sorting.


Distribution & Storage

Pass out all your fruit as soon as possible!

If you can’t pass out all your fruit the day you receive it, you will want to store it in a cool dry place.

Remind your customers of proper fruit storage.


Optimal Storage Temperatures

Apples  30-40 degrees
Pears  29-31 degrees
Oranges  32-35 degrees
Grapefruit  55-60 degrees
Pineapple 50-55 degrees