About Us

Over 100 years ago, Christian Kropf came to Michigan to realize the American Dream.  He planted his first acre of apple orchard, harvested and hand polished each apple before placing them in paper lined crates.  Chris personally delivered them to his customers by horse drawn wagon.

Four generations later, Christian Kropf’s legacy continues.  Each fall we harvest apples from trees planted in the same land Chris used.  Christian Kropf Fundraising hand selects the best fruit and delivers it to our customers across the Midwest and Southeast United States.

Christian Kropf fundraising offers a fresh approach to making a profit for your organization. Confidence in the quality of our product provides us the opportunity to focus on genuine service to our customers. This allows us to work one-on-one with you. Whether we’re hosting training workshops for local PTO groups, marching on the field at band camp, or hanging out with FFA Chapters in the hog barn, we want to welcome you into our heritage; by getting to know yours.