Christian Kropf Legacy

Christian Kropf was born June,1870 in Bern, Switzerland.  At 18 years of age he boarded a ship with his mother and siblings to realize the American Dream.  They settled in Mosley, a little village north of what we now know as Lowell, MI. !

Spring 1938 – Christian Kropf in his orchards.

Fall, 1948 – Christian and his wife Jennie, packing apples into paper-lined crates with their son Carl and daughter-in-law Emma.

L-R:  Carl Kropf, Jennie Kropf, Christian Kropf, Emma Kropf

Early 1950’s – Roger Kropf, about age 10.

June 1961 – At age 91, we lost the patriarch of our family and our business, Christian Kropf.

Fall 1969 – Kropf Fruit Market – The Kropf family ran the local market for about 11 years, closing in the early 80’s.

1991 – Steve Kropf launched a pilot fresh fruit fundraising company, Christian Kropf Fundraising

Treasured Find in 2006 – The original sign from the market.