… Place My Order?

Please place your order at least TWO weeks prior to requested delivery date.


You may place your order in any of the following ways:

– Online – We will give you a school code. You may enter your order by individual seller or as one group order.  You will also find a space to write any special directions.

– Phone – 800.922.0635

– Fax – 616.987.3298

– Email – sales@christiankropf.com


Student Sort

Student Sort is a hugely successful program that makes sorting, counting and passing out SIMPLE!

Each item sold is labeled with the sellers name, school, product name and how many items that student sold!  When you unload the truck, you can easily make piles for each student!

The label is designed to fold over the top and side of the box for quicker identification.


Give us a call for more information!